Peter Montana

2023, Bronze Medalist

Peter Montana

Peter Montana was instrumental in bringing awareness to a needed pediatric eye glass frame to North America when in 2002 he brought newly designed Italian frames dedicated to babies and children, called Miraflex.

After 50 rejections from optical shops in the Bay Area, he walked into the Pediatric Ophthalmology practice of Gordon Brown, MD in Oakland, CA and found his first customer with a 100-piece order; a business was born. In 2003, Peter attended his first AAPOS Meeting where his commitment and mission to children with eye challenges, not only in the US, but worldwide, was confirmed. Peter’s first modest donation of $50 to the newly formed CEF, grew as his business succeeded. New designs were developed after listening to Pediatric Ophthalmologists’ requests. 

Peter is grateful for the acquaintances and solid friendships created from annual attendance at AAPOS meetings from 2003 until 2020 when COVID postponed the meeting. These relationships extend to the American Association for Certified Orthoptists where Miraflex became a staunch supporter attending all national meetings and most regional meetings. In 2018, Peter was asked and served on the International Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Council (IPOSC). Discreetly, for over half a decade, every children’s hospital in the US (225) and the Seva Foundation, dedicated to preventing unnecessary blindness in Asia, Africa, and Central America, received Peter’s support. Peter’s support to the Down Syndrome Association included participation in Buddy Walks and was able to support optical shops throughout the country that wanted to participate in their local walks. 

Peter’s latest service was in The Gambia after participating in numerous eye care missions in China and El Salvador.