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A Comprehensive Approach to Vertical Strabismus Webinar

This unique webinar will be led by Dr. Burt Kushner. During the first hour, we will hear from expert Dr. Burt Kushner on vertical strabismus, followed by his colleagues, Drs. Andrea Molinari, Stacy L. Pineles, and Michael C. Struck for the remainder of the two hour webinar. There will be live discussion amongst the panel throughout the webinar and questions coming from the online audience will be answered.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What should be done if a child
has an eye injury?


If there is a chemical injury, immediate irrigation with water is critical. Flush the eyes and face with any available source of water for at least 10-15 minutes. Follow up immediately with a trip to the emergency room or ophthalmologist.

If a sharp object has penetrated the eye (like a fish hook), do not pull it out, but transport the person to the emergency room as soon as possible. Other blunt or sharp injuries should be examined by an ophthalmologist, since the serious nature of the injury may not be readily apparent.


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