American Association for Pediatric
Ophthalmology and Strabismus
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Journal of AAPOS  presents expert information on children's eye diseases and on strabismus as it impacts all age groups. Major articles by leading experts in the field cover clinical and investigative studies, treatments, case reports, surgical techniques, descriptions of instrumentation, current concept reviews, and new diagnostic techniques. The Journal is the official publication of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.

Please download sample publications from recent issues here and continue to explore at the journal's website.


 December 2014

Redd TK, Read-Brown S, Choi D, Yackel TR, Tu DC, Chiang MF. Electronic health record impact on pediatric ophthalmologists' productivity and efficiency at an academic center. J AAPOS 2014;18:584-9

Bhardwaj G, Jacobs MB, Martin FJ, Donaldson C, Moran KT, Vollmer-Conna U, Mitchell P, Coroneo MT. Grading system for retinal hemorrhages in abusive head trauma: clinical description and reliability study. J AAPOS 2014;18:523-8.


 October 2014

Tandon AK, Velez FG, Isenberg SJ, Demer JL, Pineles SL. Binocular inhibition in strabismic patients is associated with diminished quality of life. J AAPOS 2014;18:423-6

Cronemberger S, Calixto N, Avellar Milhomens TG, et al. Effect of IOP control on central corneal thickness, horizontal corneal diameter and axial length in primary congenital glaucoma.  J AAPOS 2014;18:433-6


 August 2014

Demer JL. Connective tissues reflect different mechanisms of strabismus over the life span. J AAPOS 2014;18:309-15.

Christoff A, Raab EL, Guyton DL, et al.. DVD--a conceptual, clinical, and surgical overview. J AAPOS 2014;18:378-84







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